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Sunday Food Odyssey…Part 1

July 31, 2012

Pending posts are piling up. Made some stuff last weekend that I’m yet to post, but right now, I’m very excited about this post.

Last Sunday is what I would call my foodie day. It was a friend’s birthday lunch at the Westin in Goregaon, and her husband had kept it a surprise till the very end when she walked in and saw all of us sitting waiting for her. What fun! Had a lovely time catching up with people I’d lost touch with some years ago. And, this was such a change!

5-star yummies: We ate at Seasonal Tastes, one of the three restaurants at the hotel. The restaurant offers a buffet – more like a banquet, me thinks. The variety offered is endless – Indian, Italian, Japanese and cold cuts, Chinese and desserts – at least that’s all I could see. And, unlike most other 5-star hotels that Ive been to and had the food at events/conferences, this was d-e-l-i-s-h.

Started off with a crumb fried mushroom starter, a Chinese preparation of chicken with Shitake mushrooms and Thai green curry with Jasmine rice. I topped this with golden fried garlic and onions and sat down for the feast. The green curry had just the right amount of coconut and spice while the Jasmine rice was not as overpowering in flavour, as I was worried about. My second course almost, just almost, made me regret the first one. I’ve always wanted to try sushi and the likes, and this is what this course comprised. There were some lovely fresh slices of salmon with lemon and orange rind; cold chicken cuts minced and mixed with walnut and apple and olives; chicken pie with a lovely soft, flaky, melt-in-your-mouth pastry and a delicious chicken filling. And as a rather lovely finishing touch, I had a slice of sushi with wasabi (which hit the senses in just a pinch). The sushi was a lovely combination of the soft, sweet, sticky rice and the tangy bitterness of the lovely pink salmon.

And, while I could have had more, I wanted to save some space for the desserts, which, alas, were passable. They looked fantastic, though. One that comes to mind is a raspberry chocolate cake in three layers – a chocolate cake base, a layer of chocolate mousse and another layer of raspberry cream sparkling in pink. Overall, the meal was very satisfying! Though I don’t think I’ve had my fill of Japanese…I want more!

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