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Food Trail and Berry Custard: Mahabaleshwar

March 8, 2013

Time flies so fast! It seems like New Years’ was just yesterday, but then we are already heading towards April. The past one year has been a dream come true. Sure, we’ve had our ups and downs, but I guess marrying the one person you’ve been in love with since so long is pretty much as awesome as it gets.

This year also seems to be all about trips. Ishaaq is currently in Dubai and I’m chilling in Mumbai, but I haven’t been inspired to make anything special. So, I am going to be putting up a few pending posts till I do make something awesome (just FYI, I have panna cotta on my mind).

A few weekends ago, a few friends and we decided to do a road trip all the way to Mahabaleshwar. And, I was so excited at the prospect of getting more strawberries at dirt cheap rates. Here’s a short glimpse at the kind of stuff you can get and eat at Mahabaleshwar at this time of the year.

We were staying closer to Panchgani. So, the first place we visited was a place called JK Dhaba which serves regular Punjabi fare. The food was quite good, the tawa paratha was something I could eat forever. Then, we went to have something that this beautiful hill station is most famous for — Strawberries and Cream. There’s a place on the way to Mahabaleshwar called Garden restaurant. The managers of this place also have a strawberry farm and as we entered, I saw these men with what seems like kilos of strawberries that they were packing. I just wanted to dive in and carry the whole lot back home! Then, we each had a glass full of Strawberry cream. So, this is a beautiful concoction of freshly cut strawberries, strawberry preserve, strawberry ice cream and loads of whipped cream. You can see what I’m talking about below!

Strawberry cream in a glass


A view from the top

Then, we went up to Mahabaleshwar market and hogged on a lot more! There were these melt-in-the-mouth corn on the cobs (or bhutta) roasted on coal with just the right amount of lime, salt and chilli powder. Some of the others had boiled corn with butter. We had more of strawberry cream at another stall and then went back to Garden to hog on snacks. They prepare an amazing array of snacks. The Mushroom Baby Corn Chilly (chinese style) was really good, as were the corn pakodas and lots more.

The next morning, we went to a place called Rustam’s Strawberry Inn on the way to Panchgani for some brekkie. And, to say that we hogged was an understatement. We had the works, omelette-bread, akuri on toast, kheema-pav, kheema with half-fry, tea, and simply buttered toast. It was heaven! I just took a pic of the kheema with half fry because it was too damn tasty!


Delectable kheema – half fry marke!

Later on, we went to Panchgani Table Land for a horse ride and then to an Amusement Park on this awesome Merry go Round. Can’t resist putting up the pic because I just love my frame!


The merry go round

That evening, we went back to Mahabaleshwar for some beautiful boating at the Venna Lake and the glimpses just before reaching the lake were amazing! Fresh red radish (or turnips, I’m not sure), carrots, and loads and loads of strawberries arranged like luscious red flowers amongst loads of green leaves.


Juicy red radishes with carrots


Luscious strawberries

Boating was loads of fun, but resulted in all of us getting splashed with water and traveling on bikes, all soaking wet, in Mahabaleshwar would be the bravest and stupidest thing one could do. So we went back to the hotel to dry off and then set out for dinner. (yes, my friends are foodies, too!)

And, we headed up to the Mapro Distribution Centre, like a fellow foodie had recommended to me. This is where the Chocolate Factory is (for those of you familiar with Mahabaleshwar). The moment you enter the space, you are hit with this mouth water aroma of mozzarella cheese combined with veggies and you dont need to search for the dining space. Just follow the aroma! This place is like a gem in the midst of this hill station. It serves up vegetarian wood-fired pizzas, massive cheese filled sandwiches and even massiver glasses of strawberry cream. The pictures say it all.

Spicy Italian pizza

A very filling sandwich with loads of cheese and vegetables

To say that they were delectable, is again an understatement. This is a place one cannot miss at Mahabaleshwar. Pizzas (12″) come for approx Rs 400, Strawberry Cream at Rs 200, and the Sandwiches for Rs 99.

The next day, as we left, we bought almost 11 kilos of farm fresh strawberries at Rs 60 per kilo from a farmer selling them on the road. I got around 4 kilos! And finally, my favourite pic of the strawberries decorated and arranged at the stall. These were the sweetest I’d ever tasted. I’d recommend a trip there every winter to buy loads of strawberries. Also, for all the berry lovers, blueberry season in Mahabaleshwar starts in March. Anyone going, please pick up some for me 🙂


Sweet, juicy strawberries decorated on a cart sold at Rs 80!

I gave away most of the strawberries. I pureed most of them. I leave you with an easy-peasy recipe for a berry baked custard (or pudding, if you like) adapted from Simply Reem‘s blog, using some of the not-so-firm strawberries left in my boxes.

Print Recipe
Strawberry Custard
A one-pot dessert
Course dessert
Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 30 minutes
Course dessert
Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 30 minutes
  1. Preheat your oven to 200 C.
  2. In a blender, combine the milk, eggs, sugar (except for the 1 tbsp), vanilla essence and blend well till incorporated.
  3. Then add the melted butter and blend till smooth.
  4. In your casserole dish, distribute the strawberries evenly and pour the batter over them.
  5. Sprinkle the mixture with the left over sugar and bake till golden brown, slightly puffed in the middle and baked in the centre.
  6. Serve this warm. Goes well with vanilla icecream.
Recipe Notes

PS: Ishaaq gifted me a new phone, a Samsung Galaxy Grand! It's superb and the camera is 8MP. All these pics were shot by me through the phone.

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  • quresh ginwala March 8, 2013 at 10:45

    where is the custard.. I thought u promised to invite us.. :p

  • Shanti March 8, 2013 at 12:43

    Lol! Thanks for the compliments on the post Quresh! Custard was not the promise, him cream was, but there were no more strawberries left 🙁

  • MegArtiste March 18, 2013 at 18:19

    OMG..these food descriptions and pictures are so awesome! Love the narration and you can actually visualize me drooling 🙂 I am going to start experimenting with your recipes and will keep you posted! Thanks for inspiring me

  • Shanti March 19, 2013 at 05:29

    MegArtiste, thank you so much for such a heartwarming comment! Do lemme know how your experiments turn out. All the best and keep visiting 🙂

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