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Chilis Grill and Bar

I love watching those food shows that are constantly being aired on television. Each series gives the viewer a general idea of different cuisines across the world. I have learned so much about American, English, Italian, Mid Eastern or even Indian food through my…

March 12, 2014
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Creamy, Mellow Chicken Stroganoff

It's been sometime since I posted a recipe on the blog. Despite the flood of invitations to review different restaurants and food festivals, and my very own ventures into exploring restaurants across Mumbai, I've been desperately missing cooking and posting something exciting. Plus, this…

September 29, 2013
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Eating at Mamagoto

So, Mamagoto (of its Delhi fame) opened in Bombay sometime last month - or the month before - I forget. Anyhow, it became a rage amongst the blogger community, where every other food enthusiast was either tweeting or blogging about his/her experience there. Most…

June 11, 2013