Amchi Chitrapur Saraswat Event

The Aamchi Pop-Up

July 1, 2019

Having been brought up in a foreign country, I wasn’t privy to the regular traditions that others in India were – our Diwali consisted of parties; Holi was a forgotten affair – I’d never really burst firecrackers (thank God!) or played with colours, Ganesh Chaturti consisted of a small pooja and that’s it.

Similarly, being a Chitrapur Saraswat, I only had an inkling of what my community was – that our ancestors’ ancestors had migrated to Goa from Kashmir, and then down to Mangalore during the Portuguese invasion. My father was a staunch Aamchi (that’s what we call our fellow Saraswats) and preferred our typical fare for daily meals. Although I am regularly grateful that my parents exposed us to international cuisine, I am equally grateful for my father wanting Aamchi food – or else I wonder if I’d ever know much about our cuisine. Today, I know quite a few Aamchi recipes, and I absolutely love to make them. And, I am all set to share those with you all through a pop-up concept. After a lot of indecision, bouts of uncertainty, etc., with the constant motivation of some of my favourite people, here I am!

I am launching the first ever Aamchi Pop Up – showcasing Chitrapur Saraswat Cuisine on July 14, 2019. We are basically pescatarians (eat only fish – not chicken or mutton) – so the meal will consist of seasonal vegetarian dishes that will be sourced sustainably from local farmers markets. Fish will be as per season and all of this will be served in a typical south Indian style setting on a banana leaf in a proper ‘sit down (on the floor)’ meal. We will have both Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian Meals – at Rs. 1,600/- and Rs 2,200/- respectively. All the remaining details are available on the payment site –

I’d love to see you all there!

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