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Sunday Food Odyssey…Part 2

July 31, 2012

By evening I was hungry again! And, Ishaaq and I had been meaning to go for Woodside Inn’s Burger Fest since I first read about it on Mumbai Boss. He loves burgers and watching Masterchef Australia with me, he’s been more than craving to have the perfect beef burger! So, I promised him that we would go for this festival. So, off we zoomed on his Bullet to Woodside All day Bar and Eatery at Andheri West.

This was the first time I’ve been to the Andheri Branch. I’ve been to Woodside Inn at Colaba, the quaint, rather colonial headquarters. And, the food was scrumptilicious! So, I had high expectations from these burgers.

I’d call the Woodside All Day Bar and Eatery a dull cousin of the original cheery one at Colaba. More like a pub; it was dark I couldn’t see my shoes!

The burger fest menu was quite innovative. The burgers and their compatible beers were categorised country-wise. While Ishaaq ordered the classic UK burger – Sunday Roast Beef served on a brioche – I went in for the Japanese Teriayki Chicken one (not because of my earlier Japanese stint) since it was one of the few chicken burgers that seemed to promise to suit my palate. All the burgers come one a wooden tray, served with fries and coleslaw.

Ishaaq’s beef burger was quite nice, he found it a little dry so we asked for some more of the sauce, which was promptly provided. For me, the Teriyaki chicken burger was O.K. I found both the burger and fries under seasoned. And, while it spelt Teriyaki, the sauce was much more soya saucy and less spicy, which is what I was expecting. But, the freshness of all the ingredients came through nicely. We polished off the entire meal and then proceeded to have dessert! I love apple desserts, so we settled for their apple crumble, which was so-so. While it was fresh and the crust had a lovely bite to it, the crumble had gone soft. Overall, the combination of the cream with the warm crumble was quite lovely.

We ended the lovely day and evening with a late-night show of Ice Age 4, which is a must-watch, in 3D. Happy Sunday!



That’s my Teriyaki Burger. Loved the presentation! 



Apple crumble ala Woodside All Day Bar and Eatery… 

Disclaimer: All photos were taken from an iPhone. Almost had a war with the lights…Thank God for the flash!

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