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Out of the Blue – A Review

March 20, 2013

Ever since I’d heard of Out of the Blue some years ago, I’ve been wanting to visit. But the time’s never been right so we didn’t end up going there till yesterday. I wanted to eat pasta and the likes so I looked up a few places on Zomato and was just a bit confused between Mia Cucina and Out of the Blue – both in Powai. We finally decided on going to the latter.

Now, the décor of Out of the Blue in Powai is like none other. Bowler hat lamps over the bar, backlit umbrellas as part of the ceiling in the courtyard and bird-in-cage lights in its periphery all made for a wonderful setting with the low light. What I also liked was that since it was Karaoke night, the lady who received us at the entrance asked us if we wanted to be away from the karaoke din and when we affirmed that we did, led us to the courtyard where the sound was muted, despite the fact that it was a bit too loud whenever the door was opened.

The menu is quite extensive and I love the variety of dishes on offer. We called for a crumb fried chicken with blue cheese dip, a penne paprika, and the special of the day lamb shanks in a sizzler. The crumb fried chicken was served first. The chicken was fried to perfection, just the right amount of crunch, no oily aftertaste and a decent portion. Then came the Penne Paprika with Chicken. This was heaven. I could’ve eaten bowlfuls of this! Penne pasta was lightly tossed in a cheesy paprika laden sauce with loads of garlic and chilli flakes. I died, went to heaven and came back wanting more.

Delectable crumb-fried chicken with a blue cheese dip


Die-and-go-to heaven Penne Paprika

The lamb shanks sizzler was delivered immediately after the pasta, and we proceeded to attack it with all the vigour of hungry souls. The sauce was slightly sweet and intense, and the lamb was served with rice, steamed beans and carrot, creamy mashed potatoes and a jammy onion chutney. So, what went wrong, you ask? Well, the lamb. Midway into the meal we realized that the some of the lamb was undercooked. It was stringy, stretchy and was too raw to consume. We called the waiter and told him so. He in turn called the maitre d at the restaurant, who then called the restaurant manager who promptly took the dish and promised to return it saying that he would get it “well done.” Any foodie would know that lamb shanks cant be rare, medium or well done. The meat just needs to fall off the bone and its cooked.

Undercooked Lamb Shanks

Anyway it took them ten minutes to return to us the same portions they left with, and we proceeded, albeit a bit put off with the experience. Turned out that the lamb was still undercooked. Without even bothering to complain again, we simply put it aside and finished off the sides and left. Even sadder was the fact that we were charged a whopping Rs 600 odd for the meal that was undercooked twice, without even an apology.

No matter how good the pasta was, undercooked meat is just NOT acceptable! Sadly, I don’t think I would want to eat here again for a while.

So we didnt have dessert here and went to Cocoberry on the other side of the road for a quick and tasty finish to our meal.

Blueberry yoghurt with kitkat, granola and pomegranate

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  • Linsy Patel March 20, 2013 at 14:24

    lovly dishes.

  • Shanti March 25, 2013 at 06:19

    Thanks Kitchen Queen, they were, especially the pasta

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