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My Mumbai Food Journey…

February 8, 2015

Woah! It’s been over a month since I logged in here and wrote something! I must admit that my blog posts have piled up – and how! But, to be fair to me, a lot has been going on in my life, which has also inspired today’s post. So, after much deliberation and decision-making, Ishaaq and I are moving out of Bombay to – what people call its Middle East version – Dubai!

While a lot of people have told me that the food scene in Dubai is phenomenal, and I am going to enjoy the best possible produce, food and cuisines, many have also reminded me of how much I am going to miss here, in Bombay! So, when I think about it, there are so many dishes that I might still find (or make) in Dubai, but some cannot be replaced. Here are my favourite Mumbaiya foods that Im going to miss!

1. Bhelpuri – I discovered street food chaat when I came to Mumbai 12 years ago. And since then it has remained my favourite ever chaat. I like it spicy as hell topped with green mango pieces and with just enough chutney for the rice puffs to maintain their shape and bite. And, no one can make it better than the street food guys. My personal favourite stands at a corner in Gamdevi!

2. Piping hot Vada/Samosa/Bhajiyas – While I have always loved bhajiyas, Mumbai introduced me to the vadapav. Nothing beats eating this all piping hot and in the rain! The smell of frying bhajiyas wafting across the streets is unparalleled. Nothing beats Famous’ Samosas and bhajiyas and vadas taste amazing anywhere!



3. Misal Pav – The husband loves this lovely one-pot Maharashtrian dish! Spicy, with the tari on top, and fresh, crispy farsan, misal pav sure is delicious! The one at Dutta Snacks on the Panvel Goa road is amazing, but our local favourite is at a bylane at Vile Parle east!

4. Seekh kebabs, Baida Roti and rolls: There’s this lovely place in Marol that serves this all up in their most succulent forms! Another one is Santacruz also makes the most amazing boti kebabs! And then, you may also visit Mohd. Ali road.

5. Ramzan – Ramzan is when we visit Mohd. Ali Road and Bhendi Bazaar for an amazing gastronomical journey with my favourites – Nalli Nihari and Paya and Malpuas and Firni! This Ramzan will be when this tradition will be broken for the first time.

6. Malvani Seafood – One of my favourite Mumbai discoveries, I’m definitely going to miss that succulent Bombil fry and the rava fried prawns that can be eaten like popcorn! And, tisrya Masala!

7. The Bombay Sandwich guys: Piping hot toasted bread, butter and chutney, filled with veggies and a potato masala – some times topped with cheese! I’ve loved the one at Jaihind college and even at Gamdevi. But nothing beats the grilled sandwiches on the roadside.

All of these dishes, I have discovered through my food journey across Mumbai. While I look forward to go back to my pavilion, these are some dishes and cuisines that are close to my heart. Looking forward to writing again soon from Dubai!

Photo credit: Some of the pics have been taken from google, given the fact that I didn’t have them in my portfolio.

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  • Sassy Fork February 8, 2015 at 10:23

    All the best for your new life!!

  • randomrachael February 16, 2015 at 05:45

    Welcome to Dubai! Absolutely loved your post and you’re right nothing (NOTHING) compares to India street food! <3

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