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Eating Out: Global Fusion & Yauatcha

April 18, 2013

There was a time when I didn’t have the time to blog about where I was eating or what I was making simply because I just didn’t get the time. But that doesn’t mean that I didn’t record it. I tried out two new places. Here’s a glimpse of what I had and how the food was. I’ll start with Global Fusion, which recently opened up in Marol. Ishaaq and I finally completed a year in February and to celebrate, we visited Global Fusion, which we had heard a lot about. The restaurant rests on the unique concept of pan-Asian food in a buffet style. The decor is mind blowing, with the interiors resembling the underbelly of the sea. As you enter, an aquarium under your feet leads you into the restaurant. So the concept is fixed. You choose your starters from an underlight table displaying all the possible starters. Then you have a separate space for dimsums (both veg and non-veg), a sushi bar (again, both veg and non-veg), and the main course, with dessert. Frankly, the main course and dessert weren’t very impressive. The main course seemed a little confused — with Indian and Asian flavours mixed. And, the desserts were just okay. But, the dimsums, sushi and appetizers were mind blowing.

We had (L-R) some roasted chicken, beef teriyaki, paneer shanghai (just because it looked so good) and cheese baked prawns. The prawns were something like I’d never tasted before. Never thought prawns and cheese would be a perfect marriage — it was seriously made in heaven! Then (lower row) we had veg and chicken dimsums, which were perfectly cooked and soft unlike the usually tough dimsums. The barbecue lamb shanks were fall-off-the-bone. I loved the appearance of the fruit flavoured sushi and the regular sushi – turkey, chicken and fish – was good too!

Sometime later, I visited Yauatcha with some friends. It was an experience. After all it comes from the family of Hakkasan, which is a Michelin star restaurant. Located at Bandra-Kurla Complex, the place is huge! The lighting is dim and warm.

Here’s some of the stuff we had:

The first pic is of the chutney, which we gorged on! I just love the chilli and garlic hotness! We also had a vegetarian amongst us, so we ordered the vegetable chive dumpling (the green one with pomegranate on the top), the vegetable crystal dumplings (they were really tasty), the crispy prawn cheung fun, which was by far the best of the whole lot. We also called for the crumb fried squid, which I was not impressed with in the least. The crunchy oats were too oily, the batter rather tasteless and they had curry leaves in the mix — not sure how that fit in. Finally, we ordered the crispy duck roll, which was quite tasty, expect that the duck was slightly dry.

Overall, I would love to revisit Global fusion, not so much Yauatcha, because while the food was really tasty, I didn’t find it to be value for money. Maybe a one-time visit is enough.

I also have some news. I’ve started a new Facebook Page just for my blog. You can ‘like’ it at You can also follow me on Twitter at @RiotOfFlavours

Hope to see you all there!

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