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Eating at 5 – The Restaurant

November 7, 2014

Ever since I was a child, I’ve wanted to have a restaurant/cafe of my own. Then, I had no idea how it would look, what I would serve, but food was definitely on my mind. As I grew older, a few hazy images of what my restaurant style would be – incidentally, casual, cosy and well lit and decorated simply but tastefully – took root in my mind. That is why when I entered 5- The Restaurant at its new home near Khar Station (West), on the invitation of the management to review it, I instantly loved it. It has all of what I want and more!

5- The Restaurant has a small space outside decorated with fresh plants and some pretty artistic arrangements. A window gives a glimpse of the space inside, while plants in huge tea-cups on the wall are lit up to welcome the diner. Against this wall is my favourite decorative element – an ornate cycle with a money plant entwined all around.

Lovely outdoor decor!

The restaurant itself is quite spacious with chairs and tables at a respectable distance from each other. The walls are particularly attractive. As you enter the space, the wall in front has some colourful signs in different colours depicting various senses. To the right, a small cutlery cupboard stands solitary in orange paint with some lovely white flowers painted on it. The table where we were seated had one wall decorated in solid colourful frames with black and white pictures and on the other side some spot lit colourful bottles secretly showcased their brilliance.


We were waited upon by Patric that evening. The menu at 5 is unpretentious, easy to read and has some really interesting food. While the menu is mainly European – the attempt at some fusion recipes is evident and definitely exciting. We were first served a fresh bread basket with some garlic butter and hummus. The bread was beautifully fresh. However, the hummus was too thin to be a hummus. The garlic butter helped us finish off the bread, but had they crushed the bits of garlic, the flavour would have definitely been more balanced.


For starters, we wanted to go for the Beef Roulade stuffed with Goat’s Cheese and other condiments. However, beef was not on the menu. So the server suggested that we go for the Tomato and Potato Soup, The Oven Baked Mushrooms with Scamorza and Cheddar Cheese, and a Cajun Spiced Chicken. We also insisted on going for the Beetroot, Tangerine and Feta Salad in a lemon-orange dressing.

The soup came in a yin and yang form – individually the potato soup tastes like a diluted version of mashed potatoes and the tomato soup is too tangy, but when they come together – its an explosion of flavours that seem just right! And, you cant get enough. The Cajun Chicken was nice, delicious but nothing to talk home about.

Potato and tomato soup
On the other hand, the Mushrooms were the show stopper as far as the appetisers were concerned. Succulent mushrooms with sharp melting cheese, topped with fresh red bell pepper was a delight to pop into the mouth. I seriously could’ve had a dozen on my own. The pine nut sauce – while interesting – was not required; the mushrooms were moist enough as is.

Oven-baked mushrooms
The salad was a revelation of balance in flavours – it had sweet-sour tangerines combined with peppery rocket leaves, bitter salad greens, salty feta cheese and crunchy pine nuts with lemon-orange dressing. Simply refreshing and delicious! I wouldn’t doubt that the other very interesting sounding salads (read: Warm Sundried Tomato and Cous Cous Salad with Lemon Paprika Dressing and the Chicken, Red Bell Pepper and Mushroom Salad with a Honey Balsamic Dressing) would meet the same standards.
Tangerine Salad

In the mains, we called for small portions of pasta and other mains. Pasta, is something I can’t resist when it is on the menu. However, the pastas at 5 were disappointing. We called for the Penne in a Paprika Cream Sauce and a Ravioli of Spinach and Ricotta. Both were rather gluggy, too heavy on the cream and not as flavourful as the appetisers. Unfortunately, the Ravioli was served with a (rather well-made) bechamel sauce which was the total antithesis of what I believe Ravioli should be paired with. I feel Ravioli with Spinach and Ricotta should be paired with something light – a brown butter sauce or a light tomato cream sauce – but definitely not a bechamel!

Penne in a Paprika Cream Sauce
Spinach and Ricotta Ravioli in White Sauce

Despite the pasta disaster, we called for two more main course meals – Parmesan Crusted Chicken with Grilled Vegetables, Mash and a Jus; and Grilled Jumbo Prawns with Coriander Rice, Okra and Curry Cream Sauce. The chicken was a tad over cooked for our liking, but the crust of the chicken was perfect and the pepper jus was just the right amount. The mash passed muster with my husband who just adores mash!


Parmesan crusted chicken
But, my heart was stolen by the prawns – grilled to perfection, the pieces of jumbo prawns sat looking pretty atop the coriander rice. The tangy-spicy prawns cut through the curry cream sauce quite well and the crunch of the okra and red bell peppers was spot on!
Grilled Jumbo Prawn Meal
The desserts were quite nice – the baked cheesecake was so so, while the Hazelnut Crème Brulee didn’t past my muster – the brulee was just not crack’y’ enough! However, a Banana Flip Torte – more like a Banoffee – was perfectly sweet and suited to the husband’s palate, while the Chocolate Flan that I was eyeing since a while was perfectly dark and delicious (my favourite combination).

Banana Flip Torte
Chocolate Flan
Overall, the meal and décor at 5 – The Restaurant excited me enough to make me want to go back and soon. My star dishes were the baked mushrooms, tangerine salad, the jumbo prawns and the decadent flan!

Do visit it and tell me how it was!

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