HomeCooked Salad Vegetarian

Roasted Pumpkin & Rocket Salad

I have this thing with vegetable peelers. I don’t like them. They are the fiddliest contraptions and serve no real purpose for me. I am not the kind of person who peels every fruit and vegetable in sight. I love keeping the skin on,…

March 23, 2016
Chicken Dubai HomeCooked Salad

Freedom Salad and 3 months in Dubai

Freedom is such a relative word. For me, it has always come from something positive – acceptance, independence, standing on my own feet, finding my way around a new place, having friends who are as good as – if not better than – family…

May 18, 2015
HomeCooked Salad Vegetarian

Balsamic Tomato and Celery Salad

I've been off the grid for a while! A lot has happened on the work end and I've been travelling constantly. But, the moment I got a breather from it all, i jumped back into the food world. Have quite a few things lined…

May 17, 2014
Fruit HomeCooked Salad

Fresh Mango and Roasted Corn Salad

Mangoes are here! As a child, every time we visited India in the summers, I was subjected to mangoes all the time. Green mangoes (kairi) with chilli powder and salt (lip smacking) or simple aamras with pooris (which soon became a staple for a…

April 17, 2013
HomeCooked Leftovers Salad

Mutton and French Bean Salad

I’m so excited about this post. It’s already established that I love mutton and my freezer is choc a bloc with different cuts. So, that day I made some Chinese-style noodles and lamb chilli gravy. Don’t ask me how I did it, because all…

November 1, 2012